A H Hive Traps & Protection

In light of the demise of the Insect population, it is better to use a no-kill type trap this can be achieved by drilling or using a hot metal spike to make small holes in the trap which will allow them to leave but still trap the intended victim Hole of less than 5mm will suffice when trapping the Asian Hornet.

National Bee Unit –
A Monitoring Trap for the Asian Horne

NBU Recommended trap;- AHTrap

A very simple bottle trap with a Cone funnel inserted The Bait has to be either dry or in a soaked sponge. Remember to have holes to allow other insects to escape (5mm max) Thank to Sue

Trp made from Slush Pup drink (Thanks to DBKA)




A less simple trap using a Queen excluder and Plastic ends with funnels attached. The ends were initially sold as Children’s Sandpit sives which can be found at Amason for £7-19 with the inside cone made from a stock funnel. these have also been made just using a funnel


Slush puppy trap

Tony Warren’s idea of using a Slush Puppy paper cup.

Thanks, Jackie for an upgrade using the Plastic Slush Puppy you buy the cups you buy the ones with the square and pre-cut cross for the straw in the lid and not the ones with the pre-cut round hole; the hole is too big.

The tubing is electrical conduit – 30mm long by 19mm wide. It is glued in place with Floplast.


So as a non-lethal trap, small holes can be made in the side.

The Muzzle

The Muzzle is described by some French Beekeepers as useless and the only way to protect your hives is to make large traps and put numerous numbers around your Apiary at the height of the season, more importantly, the Spring and autumn trapping is parament and we should be looking for at least One trap per square kilometer as they are trying to Achieve in the Channel Isles.

Joannes Muzzle is made from wire mesh, wood, and Corex (mesh size 15. mm x 25. mm )yet to be tried.

A French version of this trap is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Zh6yb4V4M


3d Printing 

Can be found at https://www.yeggi.com/q/asian+hornet+trap/

Funnel trap 1


Funnel Trap 2


Muzzle 1  https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/museliere-piege-a-frelon-pour-ruche The actual Muzzle has no printed parts and is made from Corex and Plastic fencing https://www.neozone.org/innovation/frelon-asiatique-un-piege-a-bec-museliere-innovant-invente-par-un-apiculteur-pour-proteger-les-ruches/

Muzzel 2 https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/museliere-anti-frelon-asiatique

Down Load costs £6-50