In 2021 I intend to hold a series of Workshop / Lectures on the following subjects that will cover the BBKA Basic Exam and a bit more.

Unfortunately, the Corvic 19 epidemic is still with us but we are now living with the Disease, and provided we follow Government Guidelines we can move on.

I have booked The Bell at Minster it seems to work well there so I am planning on the Following days.

There is also the possibility of a 2-week break in February March this will push the dates forward that many days.

 The fee will include an emailed set of e mailed notes and one Refreshment from the bar in the Bell (Standard Drink sorry no Cocktails of Moet)


  5th January 2021 Introduction, The Sting, Development, and Types of Hive

12th January 2021 Personal Protection Equipment, Tools Cleanliness Hive Construction and Maintenance

19th January 2021 Evolution of the Bee and The Colony

28th January 2021 Pests Treatment and control

2nd February 2021 Dieses Treatment and control

9th February 2021 Intruder on our Boarders, Other Pests prevalent in other countries their identification and control.

26th  February 2021 Swarming and Swarm Control practices

2nd  March 2021 Feeding Bees, The Harvest, Flora for Bees, Feeding Bees and Winter preparation

9th March 2021 Explanation of various methods of Bee Breeding

16th March 2021 Chemicals, Herbicides, Insecticide and their effects. (To Be Confirmed.)

 If you also know of anyone wanting to attend this course, it is open to all but those who register first secure a place. TBKA members will have preference.

Please register on my e mail account.

The Fee for the course will reflect on the cost of the average drinks at the Bell so will be advised later. Hopefully £60 should cover it.