Become a Member

Become a Member

There has never been a better time to become a member.

The different categories of Membership listed below

Members keeping bees (Registered members)

Subscription includes: – TBKA subscription, BBKA membership, Bee Disease and Public Liability Insurance. Please note that normal household insurance does not cover your bees.

Subscription cost depends on the number of colonies owned.                                                                                           

Partner Members (Partners of members keeping bees)  

Country Members (Have no bees but receive BBKA News)    

Affiliated Members (Members of other Associations)  

Junior Members (Up to and including 17 years old)        

Friends of Thanet Beekeepers Association

If you would like to join the TBKA please fill in the forms below:

The registration of your annual subscription cannot be completed without receipt of the above-completed form by the treasurer.

Please also note that BBKA no longer receives a copy of the insurance certificate from Aviva, but members can log onto the BBKA website to view the letter.