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Wax Moth Control in Bee Hives, HYG-2165-97

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Lactic Acid in the Treatment of Honey Bees for Varroa infestation

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Hypoaspis [Stratiolaelaps (=Hypoaspis) miles] SHEET 0230

Hypoline m (Hypoaspis miles-Stratiolaelaps scimitus))

Natural Beekeeping Forum – View topic – The Stratiolaelaps Mites

Stratiolaelaps Applied Bio-nomics Ltd.

Stratiolaelaps – A bug to Fight Varroa

Stratiolaelaps – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stratiolaelaps scimitus Womersley (Hypoaspis) – 25,000 ea.


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DIY Small Hive Beetle Trap


Managing Small Hive Beetles – eXtension#.VFCqt6ZyadE#.VFCqt6ZyadE

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Beekeeping Waxmoths – YouTube



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PDB Crystals, Para Dichloro Benzene used in Wax Moth Control

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Wax Moth – A Pest of Combs and Honey Bee Products – Department of Primary Industries

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