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For all our members, keep up to date with our Facebook group here:
Thanet Beekeepers Association Facebook Group If you’re a member of TBKA ask Laurence and they can invite you to the group.

Asian Hornet Kent Facebook Group   Was started after a meeting between Thanetbeekeeper, Dover  Beekeeper, Hernbay and Whitstable Bee Club, and Canterbury Bee Club where an outline plan on the way forward was drawn up Thanet was asked to create a Web Page which started as Asian Hornet South East Kent but was later Chjanged to Asian Hornet Kent

Comments are welcome and as usual, we are always looking for sensible comments and contributions 

Thanet Beekeepers Association 

Training and advancement are encouraged through talks and lectures during the winter and at members’ apiaries over the summer months. Discussions over tea and cake are where many beekeepers learn more about the craft. The indoor meetings will look at the topics of European Foul Brood which unfortunately affected a number of our members in 2016, and Queen Raising which many members feel they would now like to know more about.

There is also a following group of people interested in and supportive of bees. People with disabilities can enjoy beekeeping but in some cases are limited by their circumstances so why not see what you can achieve by a visit to an apiary and go forward from there?

We have members who are willing to talk to community groups about honey bees, bumble bees, and bee-associated subjects.

TBKA has a shop/store that stocks the most essential commodities used in Beekeeping, and used items are also sometimes available. We are agents for E. H. Thorne Ltd and discounts are passed on to club members our members also have the use of honey-extracting equipment.

TBKA Supports a clubhouse and Apiary at Manston as well as 3 other Apiary for members’ bees

If you would like to join us or experience beekeeping, contact one of us by phone or email below and we will invite you to the next suitable meeting, or a visit to one of the apiaries.

Please contact:   Richard Blight 07765684016 / 01843 597646 or email info@thanetbeekeepers.org.uk