Did you know that real honey crystallizes? Raw and unfiltered honey, made by our favorite buzzing buddies, tends to take on a white, solid appearance over time – sometimes a short time! It may look hard and crunchy. Or maybe it has turned completely solid. No worries. It’s still good and tells you you’re buying the real deal, not some honey-flavored fructose disguised in a cute little bear bottle.
While honey doesn’t expire, it can change shape. This shape-changing process, called crystallization is completely natural.
Real Honey Crystallizes
When your honey crystallizes, it means that you’ve chosen a real, natural honey product . Crystallization occurs because of the natural qualities inside.
The natural sugars in honey (glucose and fructose) will bind together and begin to form little crystals, which can start making your honey harder. With differing blends, some honey will begin to crystallize faster than others.
The pollen in honey also contributes to this binding process. The bits of pollen remaining provide a platform for the crystals to begin forming. But pollen is important and is prevalent in 100% pure honey. While it might mean less shelf appeal because the honey looks solid, keeping pollen in honey means you’re getting a real product made by bees.
Keeping It Crunchy
Crystallized honey is still honey! It’s perfectly safe to eat and doesn’t mean that your honey has gone bad. In fact, it’s just the opposite! It means that your honey is natural and oh so good.